Nov. 5, 2020 | Thursday Artist Talks Online – Wendy Mould

Chuck Your Brushes & Pick Up a Pen!

Can you imagine that drawing with a permanent black ink pen can be FUN!!  Wendy is ready to show you the joy of pen work. She will stretch your imagination as she demonstrates it versatility. Its more than a device to scribble a few notes. See the magic of sharp, black, lines demanding your attention.  While others subtly speak to you in soft gentle tones.  Wendy started as a pencil artist and still maintains her love of graphite.  But she began to feel the pull of ink.  She will take you on her voyage of discovery as she weaves her pen work into her wildlife creations. Learn more about her struggles of meeting her artistic goals while remaining true to her pencils and pens. See how Wendy has branched out with her pen work, moving in many different directions: mixing ink with coloured pencils, watercolour and graphite; working with zentangle/doodle art forms; and combining styles of abstract ink doodles with her realistic wildlife. You will be ready to grab and pen and start drawing when the evening is done. 

Wendy Mould, AFCA , CDM is a self-taught wildlife artist.  “Creating things” has always been a priority for her.  She started with fiber and fabric but once she started drawing, she knew she had found her voice.  Wendy is a writer, producing a weekly blog for 11 years on Painting and Drawing Tips and publishing articles both locally and internationally.  She is currently working on her eBook “Put WOW into Your Sketchbook”. Wendy is an active presenter, teacher and artist in the Fraser Valley Art Community. Wendy’s work can be found at  


Nov. 5, 2020


7:30 PM – 8:30 PM




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