Jan. 14, 2021| Thursday Artist Talk Online| Dizz McGruber

A Glitch Artist in a Fine Art World - Dizz McGruber

Dizz McGruber is a glitch artist who uses audio processing programs and code editors to manipulate image data at a code level. Dizz uses his art to find beauty in what is flawed and hopefully invite the viewer to reflect on what is broken and what broken means.

Dizz will speak about how he was introduced to Glitch photography, the individual processes he uses and his involvement and acceptance within an international peer group of artists. He will explain how glitch photography challenges the way we perceive visual information and the notion of creation through destruction, the excitement of being on the forefront of an entirely new medium, and how the doors of the fine art world have been opened and slammed shut throughout his journey.
Instagram:  @dizzmcgruber<https://www.instagram.com/dizzmcgruber/?hl=en>
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dizz.mcgruber


Jan. 14, 2021


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM




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