Dec 3, 2020 |Thursday Artist Talks Online – Revision

The Art of Recycling

Ron Simmer, Yorke Graham, Bill Thomson, Lori Goldberg & Ralph Heading

Ron Simmer searches for discards that have promise for sublime creations that will amaze, tickle, surprise us and give pause to think. He recycles materials from our consumer culture to create fanciful commentary on modern society. He attempts to take people back to their childhood by creating large scale toys and colourful birds and animals. Influenced by the pop art movement, beginning with Miro, Rauschenberg, Warhol and Koons, Ron’s art is an interactive physical experience and often incorporates optical illusions. He works with groups celebrating human creativity and spirituality, contributing art to local festivals and events. On occasion he joins forces in collaborative projects with technicians, designers, and other artists to create large scale exhibits.

Ron Simmer heads the non-profit society named Revision, and is bringing members of his team to talk about a vision and a creative eye to repurpose consumer rejects and discarded materials into unusual, amazing, and funny works of art. ReVision, based in Vancouver area, is a group of artists devoted to creating art from recycled materials in order to focus attention on our shared environmental disaster. By repurposing discarded materials and found objects into art, they hope to kindle the spirit of conservation and stewardship urgently needed today. During the talk, he will introduce several other artists on the ReVision team and their work, namely Yorke Graham, Bill Thomson, Lori Goldberg, and Ralph Heading. \lsd


Dec. 3, 2020


7:30 PM – 8:30 PM




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