Oct. 24 – 30 2020 | Competitive CLAY Off Goes Online

SAGA is pleased to announce our next competitive event, we are currently looking for 12 artists to build a sculpture with clay. SAGA will provide the supplies, artists will have 1 week to create their masterpiece, and post their progress online via Instagram. As artists this is your opportunity to get people to know you on-line, share your progress and skills on social media, and connect to your public. Apply early, as limited supplies are available for this event.

Eligibility Requirements:

* Artist must reside in Greater Vancouver area.
* Artist must use an Instagram account during the event timeline.
* Artist must work only with the materials provided by SAGA.
* Artist must be a current member of SAGA - To become a member visit sagabc.com/membership
* Artist application must be reviewed and accepted by SAGA jury.
If you would like to compete, send an email to vp@sagabc.com to apply.


Oct. 24 - 30, 2020




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