Mar. 4, 2021| Thursday Artist Talk Online|Lalita Hamill

Join Lalita Hamill as she walks you through how to understand and appreciate paintings.

Using a range of artworks, local artist Lalita Hamill wants to teach people how to assess and appreciate visual art. She will discuss several paintings (some well known and some not), including her own.

Hamill says, “Visual art can remind us of what is important yet hard to put into words. It can challenge us to learn and grow, show us what we need to re-balance, and prompt us to be present and curious. Art appreciation becomes a balance between trusting your own interpretation, experience and feelings, while understanding how to recognize a quality piece of artwork.”

Her illustrated talk is aimed at those who have an interest in visual art and would like to improve their ability to interpret or “read” paintings. After hearing from too many people about their fears in going to galleries because of looking or sounding ignorant, Lalita is on a mission to change this. She hopes to help people develop their interest and confidence in understanding visual art, leading to more meaningful and enjoyable art experiences.

About the Artist

Lalita Hamill is a professional artist who explores the human condition through art. She was classically trained at the Vancouver Academy of Art and is a Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America. She paints primarily in oil, yet is accomplished with acrylics, watercolours, and all drawing media as well. Lalita has a degree in Philosophy and is a sought-after instructor and juror who has inspired hundreds of artists to create, challenge themselves, and apply what they have learned in the studio to their everyday lives.


Mar. 4, 2021


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM




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