Apr. 1, 2021| Thursday Artist Talk Online|Broderick Wong

See why local artist Broderick Wong loves watercolour painting and learn some tips to improve your skills in this medium.

Wong will share his approach to painting colour, explaining why it is such a great medium. This artist talk will include a full painting demonstration so viewers can see how he achieves texture and three-dimensionality using no extraneous materials—only water.

Watercolour is an older method of painting but has been gaining a massive following recently. Wong says, “I will always be enchanted by the purity, allure, and simplicity of this medium. It can swirl and drip, blend and bleed—all of this randomness and free flow can come together to make a beautiful painting.”

He intends to show viewers “how to let the water paint the painting with you, giving your paintings that fresh, ‘just painted’ look long after it has dried.”

This talk is for those new to watercolour painting, those who have dabbled in it already and want to improve, or those simply wanting to try something new.

About the Artist

Broderick Wong is predominantly a self-taught artist. He began as a black and white character portrait artist and started watercolours in 2015. Since then, he was an Opus featured artist in 2017 and placed first in the Master’s Category at the 2018 Grand Prix of Art Plein Air Competition in Steveston. His pet portraits have been featured on Vancouver Is Awesome. His paintings have been exhibited in Metro Vancouver and Italy and sought after by local and international private collectors. Wong teaches online watercolour courses for beginners on Udemy.


Apr. 1, 2021


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM




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